Complex Health Innovation Working Group

Complex Health Innovation under Resource Constraints is a new WICI working group, established in early 2013. The group is comprised of various members of the healthcare community, including practitioners, industry employees, and academics. The group aims to understand the extent to which healthcare systems resemble complex adaptive systems and the implications that arise from such a view. Particular emphasis is placed on: (i) identifying ways in which complex systems theories and methodologies can be directly applied to healthcare research and policy-making; and (ii) curriculum development which teaches students how to apply complex systems theories to their learning within the healthcare context.

Meetings take place roughly every other month, and have a general topic for focus.

Upcoming Meetings:

Date: April 2014
Topic: 2014 Planning Meeting (2 hour duration)
Location: Environment 3, Room 4222

Professor Chris Bauch: cbauch[at]uwatlerloo[dot]ca

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