WICI Occasional Papers
These publications report on findings of research project’s pursued under the Institute’s auspices.

Negotiator Briefs on Cognition and Climate Change
This series builds on ongoing research on the role of cognition in the global climate change negotiations, and offers insights specifically targeted to the current needs and challenges of participants in the global climate change negotiations.

WICI Data Challenge
Information, documentation, video, and access to the source code for the winning tool and the runners-up.

Complexity Reading List
To aid those people who are new to complexity science, this page lists key readings.

Complexity-Related Courses at UW
This page list all courses related to complexity science currently being taught at the University of Waterloo. WICI appreciates receiving information from faculty and students, especially graduate students, at the University of Waterloo regarding relevant courses and research programs on campus. Please contact us at info[at]

Student Funding Criteria for Complexity-Related Events
WICI is pleased to announce that we will accept funding proposals from students at the University of Waterloo who are interested in attending complexity-related events. Visit this page for information regarding the criteria and how to apply.

WICI research generates a wide range of complexity-related findings, resources, and tools, some which of are available here.

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