Criteria for funding student participation in complexity-related activities

Note that when applying to WICI for funding, you need not meet all of the following criteria; however, you must be able to demonstrate that your request satisfies numbers 1-4 below:

  1. The proposed activity is clearly linked to, or focused on, the application of complex systems theories and/or methodologies.
  2. The activity is directly related to the student’s research, and will make a contribution to the progress of said research that might not be possible elsewhere.
  3. Any funding received from WICI will be used solely towards expenses such as: travel, accommodation, meals and the designated activity’s registration fee.
  4. The student is enrolled full-time in an undergraduate or graduate degree programme.
  5. The student is applying for graduate travel funds and requires assistance in matching the funds.
  6. The student is presenting information acquired from their participation in a WICI-related research group project.
  7. The student is attending a conference, symposium, etc:
  • If the activity does not involve the student directly presenting a paper or talk, they will be asked to give WICI a report or presentation on the experience.
  • If the activity does involve the student presenting a paper or talk, and it is deemed to be of sufficient local interest, they will be asked to present it as part of the WICI Talk series.

If you are interested in being considered for funding, please send the following to info [at] wici [dot] ca:

  • A cover letter outlining your background, your research rationale and methods, and your work’s connection to complex systems;
  • An abstract for your presentation;
  • A budget for your trip including estimated costs, the amount you’re requesting from WICI, and any other financial support you’re applying for and/or have received for this presentation;
  • A CV including information about your program and advisor; and
  • An unofficial transcript.

Past student travel grants have been awarded in the range of $500-$1000. WICI will only be able to fund partial amounts and may award less than the amount requested. It is helpful to show that your abstract has been accepted, though not necessary. Funding will be provided only upon proof of travel and oral presentation of your research at the conference proposed.

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