SLUCE II PROJECT: Spatial Land Use Change and Ecological Effects

Funded by: US National Science Foundation’s Coupled Natural and Human Systems program

This is a collaborative, multi-institution, interdisciplinary research project involving six faculty members in the area of coupled human-natural systems. Professor Daniel G. Brown is the lead Principal Investigator (PI) from the University of Michigan and Professor Dawn Parker is the University of Waterloo PI. The project links agent-based modeling of human behaviors driving land use / land cover change (LULCC), preferences for vegetation cover and vegetation management, land market modeling, field work, remote sensing, and ecosystem modeling of landscape carbon balance in low-density human-dominated landscapes (suburban and exurban residential landscapes). My team is developing agent-based land market models, whose effects we are comparing to the non-market land allocation mechanism used in the original SLUCE model. Please click here to see the project page.

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